Don Palmer Residence

Don Palmer was a well known UW track star athlete and later a Physician and then later, a Professor at the UW. He came from a prominent family. In he 1920’s, Arthur  purchased 5 plats of land in the Seward Park area and then he sold them to clients over time. One of them was Don Palmer. His mother was a founding member of the Lake Washington Garden Club and the Arboretum Foundation. Arthur, his sister and his parents were also avid master gardeners and might have known each other because of this common passion. The original gardens were designed by the Olmstead Brothers and much of their footprint still exists on the extensive grounds including a lily pond.

The property sits on acreage on the banks of Lake Washington and the house sits up from the waterfront leaving the actual waterfront undeveloped. There are 3 such waterfront properties remaining on all of Lake Washington. All 3 such waterfront lots are Loveless homes.

The house is a grand Tudor revivalist home in stucco and half-timber style with a tile roof. The first impression was like arriving at a European destination as you go down a long brick driveway with a chevron pattern. You have to pass under a brick arched garage to reach the house.

Inside are some of the signature features of many Loveless homes. A stone fireplace with a re-occurring design of grapes and leaves in the stone work. Stained glass medallions and rooms that you enter by going up or down 2 or 3 steps.

This house is beautiful and the current homeowner has taken great care to bring it up from obsolete plumbing and electrical systems and added in the garage and hired horticulturists to re-shape and reinvigorate the grounds.  A true gem of the Loveless legacy.