No matter if you are selling your home to upsize to a larger home, downsize to a smaller home or condo, or selling a rental property, Susan understands that your home is a valuable asset and she has comprehensive knowledge on how to get the highest price for your home by careful pre-listing preparation. She can offer sellers concierge services that can allow funds for the cost of home improvements and repairs like painting, flooring, landscaping and staging that will help sell your home faster and for a higher price. Susan has the experience to negotiate the best terms and determine the best qualified buyers. Susan has proven systems for success: 

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I will review your home’s strengths and challenges with you and work with you to determine what can easily be done to make it shine or take care of some maintenance issues that may come up during an inspection. Some homes simply need a coat of fresh paint on the front door or editing furniture, while some need more in depth preparation. I can offer you the Compass Conceirge program that provides access to funds to make pre-listing improvements that will attract top dollar for you home such as flooring, painting, carpet, kitchen and bath improvements or to make repairs or maintenance issues. The money is up-front with no fees and zero interest for 12 months.  

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Intelligent Pricing

Analysing the market and intelligent pricing is among the most crucial determinants of a successful sale. Even in a seller’s market. By considering both timing and value, I am able to strategically assess your home and price for top dollar.  

80% of buyers purchase their home at it’s fair market value. 

7 days is the time period during which your home receives peak attention once it’s listed.  

9% is the average percentage below market value that homes sell for after 24 days or longer on the market. This is why getting the right price is so critical.  

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When prospective buyers evaluate a home, they seek a space that they can make their own. A few simple shifts can dramatically impact your listing’s perceived appeal. Virtual staging and physical staging options are discussed with you and best recommendations are made for best impressions and highest visual interest and ultimately, top dollar.

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Photography / Video

Professional photography is the one of the cornerstones of my marketing plan. Professional photography creates powerful imagery with HD quality and arial drone photography to highlight your home’s best selling points. I only hire top photographers that will create top quality images to attract the best qualified buyers to your property.  

Video is a great selling point for social media and promotions in the form of general video highlights and guided virtual tours.  

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Print Marketing

With every single listing, I collaborate with in-house medial team to create a print piece that is customized to your home. Professional flyers, Special Feature cards are presented throughout the house highlighting a home’s unique features, Open House handouts creates a cohesive story around your property and elevates it to a high level of professionalism. I reach out to surrounding neighbors with letters that advertise your listing. Many times, neighbors know of friends and family that might want to live in your area.  

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Digital Presence

At the forefront of modern marketing, I take a multi- pronged approach to the digital promotion of your property with advertising on 800+ websites to which your listing is automatically syndicated. The most prevalent being Zillow,, Tulia, etc.

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Social Media

I am supported by a dedicated in-house social media team who have fostered relationships with key digital and social media sources to craft effective and targeted campaigns to best promote your listing on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. In addition to community and industry social media connections, my social media following broadcasts your property to local audiences. I highlight interior images, listing videos, and property features to create dynamic storytelling reaching the right audiences of both brokers and buyers everyday that are interested in your type of property. 

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Throughout the process of listing your home, I will communicate with you often.  I will let you know about showings, and coordinate open houses with you. I will provide you with feedback on your house, the price, the condition and the overall impressions that buyers have about your home. I will provide you with a weekly marketing activity report that summarizes where we stand and what recommendations I might have based on market activity on other listed homes in the area, buyer feedback and your goals.

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Broker Communication

I reach out to the local brokers in the area to highlight and promote your property. They are the people who have the qualified buyers to purchase your property. Cultivating a good working relationship with brokers and make a big difference in how the sale progresses. I will provide you with overviews of the communication with broker feedback and showing interest.

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Open House Events: Virtual and In-Person

There is no better way for buyers to experience your home’s merits that in person or a guided tour. If an in-person visit is not possible, a virtual tour can also provide insight to the home. Real time or pre-recorded video meetings can help buyers make a better determination about the property. 45% of all buyers attend open houses. I attempt to obtain feedback on first impressions, condition and price and relay back to the sellers.

Then, while your home is listed, I will communicate with you often. I will let you know about showings, coordinate open houses with you, and provide you with any feedback I get on your property. I will provide you with a weekly Marketing Activity Report summarizing where we stand and where we need to go from here. It is my goal to get your home sold and achieve your goals.