The Shorett Residence

What could be a bigger treat than to visit the home where my grandfather grew up in? My great-grandparents John and Georgia Shorett had the home designed by Arthur in 1908. Georgia and Arthur were brother and sister and he followed them out to Seattle after he left Columbia University in 1906 or 1907. Because Georgia loved to garden, the house sits on a double lot where she could enjoy creating a special garden space. Today, the garden footprint is almost original according to the current owners who have lived in the house for 34 years and is a landscape designer herself. They are only the 3rd owner of the home. The house is not like the larger homes that Loveless became well known for in later years, yet it is quaint and charming. Going through the house, I could imagine my grandfather and his three other siblings coming and going in the house as young teens. It has an original butlers pantry and beautiful woodwork throughout.  The current owners are worried about selling the property because of the double lot might attract a developer who would find more value in the double lot than in the house. Preservation is a concern to them.